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Aside from DJing live, DJ Paula Frost also has a weekly radio show on Kane FM. She wrote about her experience moving through the ranks at the station which you can read on their website following the link below. We have also reposted it on this page.

Let me take you back to 1998. I’m six-years old, and huddled together with my three best friends on the kitchen floor.

I’m opening a birthday gift. Tearing the paper away, our faces light up with beaming smiles as excited squeals fill the room. It’s a TalkGirl.

Up until this point I’d been making radio shows with my pals a boom box, talking into the speaker to record my voice, playing my favourite songs (Brimful of Asher – Cornershop, Alright – Supergrass, Disco 2000 – Pulp) and recording them onto blank tapes. Now I could finally talk into a microphone, interview my friends for fake, “on air” competitions and record songs wherever I heard them!

If you don’t remember a time before the internet, I’ve probably lost you already.

Nowadays, anyone can record their voice wherever they are and upload it with a smartphone. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts and online radio shows all over the world. But in 1998, there were no podcasts. There were no smartphones. There was me, and my TalkGirl.

From that point on, I was obsessed with music. Around the same time, I was really getting into Bob Marley, rock ‘n’ roll and rap. I remember thinking I was pretty “hiphop” in my Adidas t-shirt and backwards cap.

Jump forward to age 21. I’m in the middle of a music degree, playing drums in a band and still a big fan of radio.

I’m looking through a music industry website, searching for work experience and I see an opportunity to get involved as a producer at Kane FM, a radio station based in Guildford.

Perfect … or perhaps a little far. I was in Margate, and that would be a four-hour journey there, and four-hours back. Nonetheless, I emailed my CV.

I was invited for an interview. Next thing, I’m on the train with a portable DJ mixer, practicing nervously on the way to Surrey. “Maybe 4 hours wasn’t a long enough journey,” I thought to myself.

Walking into the Kane FM studio at a secret location on the outskirts of Guildford in 2013, it suddenly occurred to me that if this interview was quick, I’d be back out the door on another 4-hour train journey, feeling pretty shortchanged. But that wasn’t to be the case.

Kane FM’s diligent work-experience coordinator Jenniann, met me with a smile and a handshake. Just a few minutes into the interview, I mentioned my love of reggae music and was told about a new show called The Evolution of Dub that was about to air for the first time with DJ Joel Breen. Davinci Sound’s DJ Lickle B, head of the reggae team, was in the house and Kane FM’s photographer Shola was on hand too.

That day I spent over six hours with the crew, watching Joel live on air and then going for dinner and a few beers at the pub afterwards. It was the beginning of an exciting and incredible journey, with some lifelong friendships being forged.

Today, I’m writing from Hawaii, as I am DJing on a world tour, broadcasting my own Kane FM show Way Out Radio back to the UK weekly. This is the 11th country I have DJed in over the past seven months, and next I’ll be DJing in LA, New York and Jamaica. I have the crew at Kane FM to thank for inspiring me and giving me a chance. If you know a young person with a passion for music, encourage them to get in touch.

Right now, I am fundraising for the next stint of the tour so please click here to watch my 2-minute video about the tour and please donate if possible.

Sending Peace, Love and Unity to all,
Paula, aka DJ Frost.

Paula’s show Way Out Radio airs every Thursday on Kane FM from 3 to 5pm on 103.7 FM and worldwide at You can also find Paula and Way Out Radio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mixcloud and at